Cherry Blossom! AKA, I Suck At Promotion!

You guys! I seriously suck at this whole promotion thing, but wow. Cherry Blossom, my second anthology of short stories, is available for preorder on Smashwords! A short preorder, since it releases Monday o.O (Told you I suck at promotion!)

Cherry Blossom

You can download all major formats at Smashwords, or if you’d prefer, the anthology will also be available on Amazon on Tuesday, and other major ebook retailers (Apple, Sony, B&N, etc) within the next month, depending on distribution.

But hurrah! Cherry Blossom! As per usual, you can request free signed bookmarks through the contact form – and also as usual, the QR code on the bookmarks will give you something special 😉

Yay! A book! <3

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