FREE Revision Workshop Available NOW!

So, I mentioned the other day that Holly Lisle, who is acclaimed around the nets and amongst authors for her high-quality learn-to-write classes, is opening her How To Revise Your Novel course for the ONLY time in the next 6 months, and possibly the only time until this time next year.

What I didn’t mention, because I forgot, is that for this week only, Holly has a FREE revision workshop that takes you through the basic steps of revising your story. It’s like a taster for HTRYN, and it’s freeeeeeee!!! 🙂 The only catch is that you have to join by Monday if you want to get the whole course. Not sure what happens after that – you only get the remaining lessons? That seems weird, so maybe it just closes on Monday. I don’t know. But you have like four whole days remaining, and it’s free with no strings attached, so you should totally head over and sign up 🙂 🙂

I’m going to sign up because I’m about to dive into revisions on two novels and a novella, and I want to see what her free workshop has compared to HTRYN; Holly’s pretty well known for including tasty bonuses with pretty much all her courses, and I’m keen to see what she has in store this time 🙂

Anyway, link again: free plot workshop.

And because I want you to know that I really do believe in Holly’s courses, THIS LINK is a non-affiliate link. Click through there and no one except Holly will ever know 🙂 (But of course, if you do use my affiliate links, I’ll have some shiny bonuses for you which I’ll tell you about on my Monday when prepping for two market stalls and a major birthday party is over >.< 🙂 )

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