Welcome to #MadeItMonday, where I post something I’ve made in the previous week, and where you can join in and post something you made too! The rules are easy: post a pic somewhere of something you’ve made in the last week (ish; let’s say in the last month as the hard-and-fast) and tag it. Sit back and enjoy scrolling through all the beautiful things we’ve collectively created, and celebrate the fact that humans can be awesome! 🙂

Okay, another apple-spice cake this week (see last week’s post for reference). I was commissioned to make the one I posted last week, and since making two cakes at once is barely any more work than making one, generally speaking, and since I, y’know, had a book come out around the time I was making these cakes, and since I wasn’t planning to have a formal launch since it’s a book 2 in a series and idk, that just seems weird to have a formal launch for? but since ALSO I knew there were friends who wanted a copy, I decided pretty much on the spur of the moment to have an informal launch party at home.

(10/10 highly recommend, if you have supportive fam+friends. It was SO cool to just hang out with everyone, and not everyone bought a book and that was TOTALLY FINE, but wow, quite a few people did!!)

So, I figured I might as well make that additional cake and have CAKE AT MY OWN PARTY WHAT EVEN IS THIS I MADE A CAKE LIKE ACTUALLY ENTIRELY 100% **FOR MYSELF**. Whoa. Up is down and cows are round.

So, same principle as last week in terms of flavourings, but I went with super simple decorations so it only took about 35 mins to assemble and decorate the whole thing. Woot woo!

You’ll notice the streaks in the caramel topping; I don’t know, I think I must have overcooked the cake CARAMEL, I MEANT CARAMEL when I’d made it the day before, because overnight it set SOLID. Normally it has a nice, chewy sort of texture, but this time, NOPE. BRICK SOLID. I hadn’t burned it, but obviously I did something differently. IDK. Never mind, still tasty. BUT it meant I had to do some serious melting of it to get it to a pourable consistency, and then it was – shockingly enough – HOT, and wow, did you know that buttercream is made primarily from BUTTER, and butter MELTS when it gets HOT?!

Like, I knew this, and there really wasn’t anything I could do except let it cool as much as I possibly could and then dump the whole cake in the fridge the instant I’d poured it, desperately poking and prodding to stop the caramel melting the edges of the icing and dripping down the sides…. 😀 THAT succeeded, but because I was chilling the super-firm caramel asap, there were a few little holes in the top of it, and then because it was hot and the buttercream melted, the buttercream seeped up and made those smears. BUT NEVER MIND I actually don’t even care because it was amazingly tasty and it was just for a book party so eh.


What have you made this week? (It doesn’t have to be fancy!!) Don’t forget to tag your contribution, or even better, leave a link in the comments!! I love seeing what inspiring things other people have made 🙂 🙂 🙂

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