Made Of

So, there’s this fun link (here) where you type in ‘your’ name, and it tells you what you are made of. I typed in my name, and here is the result:

Amy Laurens is made of waffles, octopi, and shadows. With a dash of Twitter.

Which I take to mean that I am am sweet, quirky, and have a dark side – and I talk a lot. Sounds about right! 😀 hehe.

Amusingly enough, it works pretty well for characters, too. Liana has convinced me to pull out How Not To Take Over The World again (which is good; I’ve been wanting to, but there was one timing problem in the story I couldn’t solve, and Liana, bless her, has solved it for me) and I ran a couple of the characters through:

Mercury is made of jade, Rock, and lies. With a dash of gambling. <– Which, like, duh. This is her to a T, including the random capitalisation.

Deviran is made of frowns, Metal, and kindness. With a dash of explosions. <– Also spot on, especially if you consider that the frowns are usually directed at Mercury 😛 😀

Chiara is made of pencils, coffee, and dullness. With a dash of derp derp. <– I think she’d argue the dullness (and I would too), but we have the right general impression: officey, with a dash of madness 😀


So. Thus my random post of randomness for the day. Go try it out, and tell me what you’re made of! 😀

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