Whee! (have a cover)

The cover for the SFR Brigade anthology has been released! Isn’t it shiny? 🙂

SRFB Anthology

From the SFR Brigade website:

The anthology features nine stories from nine different authors in a  variety of styles and settings including space opera, near future,  apocalyptic, Earth-based and alien romance. (You may even discover some  favorite characters from Science Fiction Romance in the line-up. *wink*)

The price of the anthology? Free!

Our plan is to conquer the universe reach a wide  audience with this stellar story sampling–especially all the Science  Fiction Romance fans out there who don’t yet realize they are SFR fans! (Resistance is futile.)

We’re shooting for a midsummer launch of the Tales from the SFR Brigade Anthology.


Isn’t this exciting? I know the cover is not everyone’s cup of tea (my husband, for example :P) but I think the colours are gorgeous, and hello: MY NAME ON IT. With stellar, amazing, awesome, talented, brilliant co-authors.

And GUYS! It’s FREE!

This is a very exciting thing. You will be excited. As they say: resistance is futile 😀

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