Timing and Cows

Went for a drive today with the hubsical one and Small Boy. We were dropping SB off to his grandmother’s for the day, but were too early, so drove up through a suburb that we’re interested in living in one day. Ultimate heartbreak – saw our dream home (and I mean ULTIMATE dream home – covered veggie gardens, vineyard, GOATS, pool, you name it) and of course, it’s a year too early. Or at least, maybe four months to early. Depends on how some personal stuff shakes out next year. But either way, heartbreaking, because if things go according to plan in the next few months, we could actually afford said dream home next year. Argh!

But anyway, it has me thinking and researching, and I’ve decided I want one of these. Yes, miniature Dexter cow, that’s right. I mean come on: mini cows!! We go through so much milk at the moment, and there’s only 2.5 of us. Having a mini cow would actually be a pretty good investment, and Boyo has promised to do the milking, which is perfect.

Anyway, random thoughts for the night. In slightly more topical news, both The Book (From the Ground Up) and the novel-in-progress made ground last night, and discussions about covers for FGU have begun. COVERS. OH MY GOSH. *dies*. Also, I should hopefully have a blurb to share with you later this week! Yay!

Random. /Out.

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