Look! Lookit Wot I Haz!

I need to email the link to this post to my sister. The grammar in the title will engender a miracle: namely said sister having real, live kittens 😛 😀 Ahem.

But! Excited grammar is warranted, because LOOK WHAT I HAVE ON MY KITCHEN TABLE!!!

photo (2)

Yes, the cover of the book is on the back of them. No, you can’t see it. Yes, the QR code takes you Somewhere Special. Yes, they are live. Yes, I was practicing my signature on the box the bookmarks came in. Because usually my signature looks like an illegible squiggle that’s almost essentially OX.*

So! If you would like a set of these shiny-pretty SIGNED bookmarks (yes, a set, which is three (3), because there are three (3!) different designs – though sorry, just the one (1) QR code.) – and OF COURSE YOU DO BECAUSE THE BOOK COVER IS ON THEM AND IT IS PRETTY *AND* if you ask for bookmarks I will post them THIS WEEK and so they may ACTUALLY ARRIVE BEFORE the official cover reveal – then all you have to do is leave your name and address in the form right here. Or here. Or even here, or here.

…Okay, sanity has evaporated. Imma stop spamming you with links to the FREE BOOKMARK FORM, and just… go.

But yay! Bookmarks!!!!

Hyper Inky out.


* True story. My driving instructor used to tease me that I wasn’t signing my name at all, I was making my mark. Ha.**

** Sadly, this could be said for nearly all my handwriting. I give assignments back in the classroom with the caveat that if handwriting translations are needed, please see me ASAP. Ha.

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