IT’S THAT TIME!! To Dust Cover Reveal

WOOHOO!! I can’t believe we’re halfway through October already, and that means COVER REVEAL TIME!!!!! I could faff on and on about how exciting this is, but I know that you’re really going to skim anything I say to get to the cover pic, so whatevs, I’ll keep it brief. I’m sure you can all guess I’m thrilled to little bits and pieces about this anyway πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

So without further ado, the cover of my upcoming release, To Dust!

To Dust Final Small

Remember, you can get free signed bookmarks just by filling out this form, the blurb is here, and you can read some fun deleted scenes if you crack the clues that are all here.

Yay! Cover! Two weeks until release!!

(PS: Liana Brooks, Madison Louise, Pippa Jay and Beth Overmyer have all been gracious enough to share in the cover reveal. If you have a moment, drop by their blogs and say hi :o))

(PPS: I do have comments enabled on the blog. You just have to hunt for the tiny plus sign down there to the lower right to open them. Sorry. Working on that one. <3 )

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